A shout out to any organisation….

24th January 2024

We are offering an opportunity for you to help us collect food, with nothing required on your part except a little bit of space….

We will supply a collection box for food, with a poster (like the below) and we will regularly come and empty the box too.  If you have room in a reception, or a communal kitchen or a central hallway or anywhere where it wouldn’t be in anyone’s way, but staff/people pass by and you would be happy to have the box there, please call us on 01242 570080 or email us: [email protected] and we will bring it by.

It wouldn’t matter if it was 5 items or 50, we would be so grateful as we are finding the need for food parcels in our local community is more than the donations we are receiving and we are trying to do all we can to ensure we are able to sustain our support to those who need it.


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